Where The Girls Are (1984)

Cara Lott [Facial]
Cody Nicole
Erica Boyer
Janey Robbins [Bald]
Laurie Smith [Facial]
Linda Shaw [Facial]
Lynn Ray [Facial]
Raven (aka Raven St. James)
Heather Thomas (aka Suzy Starr) [Facial]
Stacey Donovan (aka Tracy Donovan) [Facial]
Craig Roberts
Greg Rome
Marc Wallice (aka Mark Wallace)
Rick Lutze (aka Rick Johns)
Ron Jeremy
Brad Stevens (aka Brock Stewart) [NonSex]

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Linda Shaw, Craig Roberts
  • Scene 2. Stacey Donovan, Marc Wallice
  • Scene 3. Stacey Donovan, Greg Rome
  • Scene 4. Linda Shaw, Craig Roberts
  • Scene 5. Lynn Ray, Craig Roberts
  • Scene 6. Cara Lott, Craig Roberts, Marc Wallice
  • Scene 7. Cara Lott, Cody Nicole, Tina Marie
  • Scene 8. Erica Boyer, Rick Lutze
  • Scene 9. Laurie Smith, Raven, Ron Jeremy
  • Scene 10. Heather Thomas, Craig Roberts
  • Scene 11. Janey Robbins, Marc Wallice
  • Scene 12. Tina Marie
  • Scene 13. Erica Boyer, Janey Robbins, Laurie Smith, Lynn Ray, Raven, Heather Thomas



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