Zazel: Parfum d’Amour (1985) DVD9

Zazel: The Scent of Love

Year of release: 1995
Country: USA / France
Studio: Metro / Marc Dorcel Selection
Genre: Feature, Straight, Fantasy
Duration: 2 h 08 min

Directed by: Philip Mond

Starring: Sasha Vinni, Gina LaMarca, Anna Romeo, Grace Harlow, Lene Hefner, Brooke Lane, Nikie St. Gilles, Antonio Valentino, Devin Wolf, Drew Reese, Jon Severini, Kevin James

Description: A milestone in the history of adult film, this $ 200,000-plus epic features seven-count ’em seven Penthouse pets. Including the gorgeous Russian Pet of the Year Sasha Vinni, who stars as an olfactory genius of sorts under contract to create the world’s greatest perfume. To further inspire her already all-ahead full sensuality, Sasha is exposed to a universe of steamy stimuli, from the scents of flowers and food to blazingly vivid colors to, inevitably, a cacophony of physical delights. The entire production is shot on lush 35mm film by auteur director Philip Mond. And unlike so many other arty productions, this one does not skimp on simple, razor-edged erotic heat. A triumph for Mond and a windfall for fans of erotic film.


Scene 1. Grace Harlow, Sasha Vinni
Scene 2. Devin Wolf, Lene Hefner, Sasha Vinni
Scene 3. Anna Romeo, Brooke Lane, Sasha Vinni
Scene 4. Antonio Valentino, Brooke Lane, Helena, Sasha Vinni
Scene 5. Anna Romeo, Kevin James
Scene 6. Gina LaMarca, Jon Severini
Scene 7. Nikki St. Gilles, Sasha Vinni
Scene 8. Anna Romeo, Sasha Vinni
Scene 9. Anna Romeo, Drew Reese, Kevin James




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