Bites en chaleur (1976)

Bites en chaleur (aka Cocktail Porno) (1976)



  • unidentified male, but star of film, plays Sylvain, a client of massage parlour, body-doubled h/c only in close up
  • Guy Royer plays a photographer
  • Carmelo Petix, plays the submissive male client
  • Dominique Aveline plays a client of the massage parlour
  • André Miller plays a client of the massage parlour (probably archive footage)
  • Jacques Marbeuf plays the compère of sex show
  • Richard Lemieuvre plays a member of the sex show audience, and a policeman
  • Alban Ceray plays a client of the massage parlour(brief, probably archive footage)
  • Jean Tolzac, non-sex, plays a gendarme
  • Alain Payet, brief, non-sex
  • unidentified males, participants in sex show orgy
  • unidentified male, non-sex, plays a police detective



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