Born For Love 1 (1987)

European Actresses

Claudia Morini plays girl 2
Groseille plays a fat woman
Isabelle Torilla as Anna, plays girl 1
Karin Schubert plays Yvonne Dupont
Magdalena Lynn probably as Madeleine Amand, in which case plays Brigitte
Sibylle Rauch plays Sylvie Deschamps
Sophie Fibelle uncredited?

American Actresses

Elle Rio plays Jenny Deschamps
Jamie Summers plays Esther Rothman
Sharon Kane plays Sophie Marseille


John Leslie plays Jasper Colbert
Joey Silvera plays Anglo Ponti
Tom Byron plays Jacques Vidoux
Sascha Gabor plays Norbert
Jonathan Wilde plays Samuel Kronstein
Gerard Luig as Gordon Parker, plays Rudger Nicholson
Eric Dray plays clochard 1
F. Parisi plays clochard 2
Franck Balard, plays the truck driver

Language: German



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