Cat Alley (1986)

Starring: Peter North, Bunny Bleu, Tom Byron, Tony Martino, Steve Drake, Jerry Butler, Krista Lane, Candie Evens, Je T’Aime

Description: A brash business tycoon is enjoying some afternoon delights with a high-priced call girl when he drops dead of a heart attack. So begins this torrid tale of boardrooms, bedrooms and bawdy bliss. It seems that the dead man was on the board of directors of international conglomerate Global Consolidated.

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Candie Evens, Jerry Butler
Scene 2. Bunny Bleu, Peter North
Scene 3. Krista Lane, Jerry Butler
Scene 4. Candie Evens, Krista Lane
Scene 5. Je T’Aime, Tony Martino
Scene 6. Bunny Bleu, Steve Drake
Scene 7. Candie Evens, Tom Byron
Scene 8. Krista Lane, Tony Martino
Scene 9. Bunny Bleu, Peter North



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