Caught From Behind 1 (1982)

Anal eroticism as you ve never imagined it!
In CAUGHT FROM BEHIND your screen is flooded with an unbelievable twenty-one wet cum shots as seven of Hollywood s sexiest superstars eagerly chase a steady stream of hard young studs. Prompted a by her curiosity about anal intercourse, Angel Cash leads us through a fast-paced adventure of sexual feasting. Delores Del Rio rides two bucking studs like a raging bull; Tina Evans gleefully devours three throbbing cocks at once. But it’s Jessie Blue who steals the show – her youthful enthusiasm is unequalled as she anxiously takes on the entire cast! With more explicit, non-stop sex than you ve ever seen, CAUGHT FROM BEHIND is an erotic masterpiece guaranteed to leave you breathless!


Angel Cash (as Angela Cash) [Anal Facial]
Crystal Dawn (as Debbie Ross) [Anal Facial]
Doris del Rio
Jessie Blu [Anal DP]
Kelly Shaw
Sharon Day
Tina Evans


Alan Adrian
Gary Davis
Mike Howard
R.J. Reynolds
Rick Lutze
Steve Douglas
Tom Cartwright

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Jessie Blu, Alan Adrian, guy
Scene 2. girl, guy
Scene 3. girl, guy
Scene 4. Crystal Dawn, guy
Scene 5. girl, 2 guys
Scene 6. Angel Cash, guy
Scene 7. 2 girls, 2 guys



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