Girls Of Fur Pi (1989)


Also Known As
Welcome To The House Of Fur Pi

Cheri Taylor
Raven Richards [Facial]
Stacy Lords
Tianna [IR]

Eric Price
Marc Wallice
Ray Victory

Bobby Hollander

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Tianna, Ray Victory
Scene 2. Stacy Lords, Eric Price
Scene 3. Raven Richards, Marc Wallice
Scene 4. Cheri Taylor, Eric Price
Scene 5. Raven Richards, Stacy Lords
Scene 6. Tianna, Eric Price, Ray Victory
Scene 7. Cheri Taylor, Marc Wallice

Welcome to Fur Pi, the sexiest sorority house on campus! These shapely young sirens are majoring in carnal cavorting, and can’t wait to delve into their sultry studies! From a tight-bodied cheerleader who takes on the swarthy black football captain to a pair of swinging sisters who turn the backyard pool into a bubbling cauldron of lust, it’s never a dull moment at this hot-to-trot house. There’s action occurring around every corner, behind every staircase, under every sheet! Even house mother Cheri Taylor gets in on the fun, treating one of the gals’ buffed boyfriends to a feverish fling. In the end, they gals get together with the team for an awesome orgy that leaves everyone smiling! What a rush!



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