Girlz ‘n Da Hood 1 (1991)

Production year: 1991
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, All Sex, Interracial, Orgy
Length: 1:12:31
Language: English

Director: Sean Michaels

Girlz N the Hood Description: “Sean Michaels stars as a social worker bent on stopping street violence. In doing his research, he discovers that many of the homeboys and homegirls use most of their cerebral capacity thinking about sex. He decides that it’s sexual tension that’s filling the streets with shoot outs and the residual corpses, and decides to stage an event to help all the gangsters work off those dangerous sexual tensions (so that’s the solution to all of L.A.’s problems!). A young, (pre-breast inflation) Mimi Miyagi makes an appearance here and shines as one of the horny homies. Charisma also shines, especially during the climatic orgy, which is a spectacular, wall-to-wall explosion of various-hued flesh and driving sexuality. Hot.”


Brigitte Aime [IR]
Charisma [Facial]
Jeannie Pepper
Leanna Foxxx [IR]
Mimi Miyagi [Facial IR]
Nina Hartley [IR]
Tianna Taylor [IR]


Cal Jammer
Jake Steed
Julian St. Jox
Sean Michaels
TT Boy

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Jeannie Pepper, Leanna Foxxx, Sean Michaels
Scene 2. Charisma, TT Boy
Scene 3. Brigitte Aime, Jake Steed
Scene 4. Nina Hartley, Julian St. Jox
Scene 5. Mimi Miyagi, Sean Michaels
Scene 6. Brigitte Aime, Charisma, Jeannie Pepper, Leanna Foxxx, Mimi Miyagi, Nina Hartley, Tianna Taylor, Cal Jammer, Jake Steed, Julian St. Jox, Sean Michaels, TT Boy



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