Jill, ein feuchtfröhliches Mädchen (1977)

Released: 1977
Director: Reiner Brönneke?
Notes: Ribu V308

Alternate Titles
A Baroness and her Servant 1979
Jill, una chica sexual y humeda Dir. given as Rudolf Krause Spain

Gina Janssen plays Angie
Inga Werdenigg plays Renate, the photographer
XNK0662 plays Jill, the baroness
XNK0663 plays Jill’s stepmother, Lili
XNK0665 plays Mona, girl at pool and later at nightclub
XNK0666 plays Siegrid, a girl at the nightclub
XNK0667 barmaid at nightclub
XNK0669 plays Ulla, girl in the final photosession
XNK0731 girl at the pool

Males :

Elmo the butler
Rolf Zigan, plays Patty, the blond male in bathroom (a servant)
Hasso, man with moustache at the pool
Hans Kurt Preuss plays Bernd, the second man at the pool
Telly, the bald thug in nightclub (simulated sex only)
the band at nightclub
Lou, the nightclub owner
villa owner, hare lip
Reiner Brönneke plays the older male in dress shop (non-sex)
Rolli, the younger male in the dress shop
the swimming teacher (brief appearance)




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