Memoirs of a Chambermaid (1987)


The Cast: Krista Lane, Shanna McCullough, Renee Summers, Ona Zee, Robert Bullock, Nick Random, Wayne Stevens, Brandon

Director & Producer: Eric Edwards
Amy Rogers is a romance novelist, searching for an inspirational location to rent in order to complete her latest novel. Her search leads to an old Victorian mansion filled with dust and cobwebs. While cleaning, she finds a mysterious doorway which leads to an unused attic. There she finds a diary entitled “The Personal Memoirs of Molly Mae”, dated 1887. She reads it, becomes fascinated and eventually obsessed with the characters. Her obsession leads to strange and mystical experiences and she begins to physically feel the emotions of the writer Molly Mae. Molly Mae, Jason, her lover, and his family the Cromwells, magically take form and absorb Amy into their existence. As Amy falls in love with Jason, the viewer is compelled to discern what is fantasy and what is reality in this tender yet torrid love story.



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