Midnight Obsession (1995 )

Who’d ever thought that a drug smuggler could find true love–if not true lust–in a foreign prison? Acclaimed European diector Joe D’Amato, that’s who. In this twist on the classic film Midnight Express, D’Amato serves up a tale of a gorgeous female smuggler who’s in the wrong place at the right time, which lands her in a prison where not just the warden is having affairs with the female prisoners, but the coed convicts are getting in on it as well! With that kind of rehabilitative process, no wonder no one wants to escape! You’ve never seen a penile–er, penal system quite like this!


Anita Rinaldi [Anal Facial]
Ildiko (as Cinthia Ildiko) [NonSex]
Cristina Valenti (as Cristina Ross) [NonSex]
Erika Bella (as Erica Bella) [Facial]
Shalimar (as Letizia Shalimar ) [Anal Facial A2M]
Luisita Duarte [LezOnly]
Suzy Cat (as Susanna Katona) [NonSex]


Alberto Rey (as Alberto Louis)
Guisy Carrara
Jean-Yves Le Castel (as Joe Calzone)
Philippe Soine
Roberto Malone
Silvio Evangelista (as Silvio Lada)

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Anita Rinaldi, Alberto Rey
Scene 2. Anita Rinaldi, Shalimar
Scene 3. Erika Bella, 2 guys
Scene 4. Anita Rinaldi, Luisita Duarte
Scene 5. Shalimar, Philippe Soine
Scene 6. Shalimar, Jean-Yves Le Castel
Scene 7. Anita Rinaldi, Alberto Rey
Scene 8. Anita Rinaldi, Jean-Yves Le Castel
Scene 9. Anita Rinaldi, Shalimar, Philippe Soine





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