When She Was Bad (1983)


What a family! Young, luscious Dianna (Chelsea Manchester) won’t let her eager boyfriend Jim “go all the way” even though everyone else in her horny household is bursting with nonstop sexual activity! If Diana took her role models seriously, she’d be the most brazen bimbo in town! Step-father Tony (John Leslie) is constantly sleeping with high fashion models while promiscuous mom (Georgina Spelvin) is at a sex club with her lover Dennis. Even wild Uncle Chris is cheating on his girlfriend Nikki by having a torrid tryst with a juicy young tart named Judy. So what’s a quasi-virgin to do? Well, Diana decides not to fight her hereditary heritage. The conclusion? Letting Jim go for the gusto turns out to be a lot of fun, because When She Was Bad she was better!


Anna Ventura
Georgina Spelvin
Lenora Bruce [LezOnly]
Sharon Kane
Sharon Mitchell
Vanessa del Rio
Velvet Summers
Wendy Stuart


George Payne
Joey Silvera
John Leslie
Ken Yontz
Michael Knight
R. Bolla
Ron Jeremy

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Anna Ventura, Lenora Bruce
Scene 2. Anna Ventura, John Leslie
Scene 3. Tigr, Ron Jeremy
Scene 4. Velvet Summers, Wendy Stuart, George Payne, Ken Yontz, Michael Knight
Scene 5. Georgina Spelvin, R. Bolla
Scene 6. Sharon Kane, Joey Silvera
Scene 7. Vanessa del Rio, Joey Silvera
Scene 8. Georgina Spelvin, John Leslie
Scene 9. Velvet Summers, Wendy Stuart, George Payne, Ken Yontz, Michael Knight
Scene 10. Sharon Mitchell, Michael Knight
Scene 11. Tigr, Ron Jeremy






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