On Trial 1 – In Defense Of Savannah (1991)


Starring: Savannah, Britt Morgan, Christy Canyon, Jeanna Fine, Carl Esser, Henri Pachard, Jon Dough, Mickey Ray, Peter North.

Everytown USA – Savannah , adult’s hottest video star, is embroiled in controversy as the whole medium of adult video goes on trial in small municipalities throughout the country. “Every community sets its own standards – only no one knows them ahead of time,” said Defense attorney Jack Kimble. “So it’s a perfect opportunity for any local prosecutor to entrap a film maker — and make a name for himself,” he added. So far the government crackdown is experiencing mixed success. In Texas, prosecutors achieved several convictions, now on appeal. In Oklahoma, a hung jury resulted in acquittal. But the industry is… Based on a true story about to happen.




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