Passages 4 (1991)

Year: 1991
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, Big Tits, Hardcore
Length: 1:12:11

Director: Paul Thomas

The Passages Series – A quick review.

These four films were made at the start of the 1990’s and initially they demonstrated a lot of promise, probably not seen since the Taboo series a decade earlier.
The stars of the films, Christy Canyon and Jennifer Stewart were both at the peaks of their careers at this point and put simply were two of the hottest women in porn at the time. Paul Thomas, a director who has generally been hated by most fans of porn, injected enough plot into the story to make sure that at least the first two movies in the series were more than just “fuck films”. Peter North also puts in quite a good performance as the “Dream Lover” and demonstrates that males in porn can be more than just emotionless “wood”. The other males in the series do fit that image and are quite forgettable.

The premise of two college girls exploring their sexuality and love with men as well as each other made the first two films very erotic indeed. Christy and Jennifer were matched together perfectly with Christy as the sexually experienced girl who is still insecure about the relationships she has with men and Jennifer is brilliant as the more virginal one, interested in exploring her sexual side but very shy about what she really wants.

As I have stated before this works well for the first two films, but in the second two of the series it is clear that Paul Thomas has no idea where to take the story. There is still plenty of hot sex in parts three and four but the sexual tension that was present in the first two movies is gone. Its a real shame and maybe this series would have worked better as a trilogy, but still, there is no point in being too critical of the series because it still manages to outshine most of the other porn films of the era and it is still certainly better than most films that are made today.


Christy Canyon
Jennifer Stewart
P.J. Sparxx


Jerry Butler
Jon Dough
Peter North

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Christy Canyon, Jon Dough
Scene 2. Jennifer Stewart, Jerry Butler
Scene 3. Christy Canyon, Jennifer Stewart, P.J. Sparxx, Peter North
Scene 4. Christy Canyon, Jennifer Stewart




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