Parties de Chasse en Sologne (1979)



Alternate Titles
Big Orgy Caballero DVD
Chattes mouillées
Ekstase einer Nacht West Germany, Mike Hunter
Extases totales 1981 re-release title
La Grande Ammuchiata Italy
La Grande mouille (1979)
Hot and Horny
Sex Hunting Adventures Alpha France English cover title
Todos mojados… a por toallas Spain
Sexlyster på jagtslottet … Denmark
A Grande Orgia …. Portugal
Les enfilées …. France (Working Title)

Directed by: Claude Bernard-Aubert as Burd Tranbaree

Brigitte Lahaie as Brigitte Lahaye, plays a guest
Catherine Léno as Kay O’Nell, plays Hélène, the mistress of the house
Céline Gallone very brief non-sex appearance as a guest
Danièle David plays a guest
France Lomay plays a guest
Karine Gambier as Karine Stephen, plays a guest
Marilyn Jess uncredited, plays a maid
Maroussia plays a guest
XNK0131 plays a maid
XNK0133 plays a guest (extra in crowd scenes)


Dominique Aveline plays a guest
Gabriel Pontello plays a guest
Ghislain Van Hove (Claude Loir) plays a guest
Guy Royer plays a guest
Cyril Val, as Alain Fonduron, plays a guest
Jacques Marbeuf, uncredited, plays a guest
Patrick Couter, uncredited, plays the gamekeeper and chauffeur

Language: French, English

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