Seka’s Fantasies (1981)


Seka’s Fantasies
Brulante Seka

Genre: Classic, Feature, Couples
Directed by: Bobby Hollander
Issued: Caballero

What more could you ask of from the premiere adult star of the 1980’s that she hasn’t given you before in her long and lusty career?

You ask for her fantasies, but you need to be prepared for when Seka tells you her secret fantasies… she goes all the way!

Actress and actors:
Cindy Lewis [NonSex]
Connie Peterson [Anal]
Cris Cassidy [Anal Facial DP]
Crystal Dawn [Anal]
Jayne Pagan
Laura Lazare [Anal DP]
Seka [Fisting]
Sofia Solana [Anal Facial DP]
Blair Harris
Frank Jones
Gary Eberhart (as Gary Dana)
Hershel Savage
J. Fuller
Jesse Adams
Michael Morrison
Mike Horner
R.J. Reynolds
Randy West

Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. Laura Lazare, Mike Horner, Michael Morrison
* Scene 2. Hershel Savage, Seka, Sofia Solana
* Scene 3. Hershel Savage, Michael Morrison, Seka, Sofia Solana
* Scene 4. Laura Lazare, Mike Horner
* Scene 5. Cris Cassidy, Randy West
* Scene 6. Crystal Dawn, Connie Peterson, Jayne Pagan, R.J. Reynolds
* Scene 7. Cris Cassidy, Seka
* Scene 8. Randy West, Seka
* Scene 9. Blair Harris, Cris Cassidy, Gary Dana, Jesse Adams




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