Sheila’s Payoff (1977)

Sheila’s Payoff (1977)
Also Known As
Half of Bucky Beaver’s Dragon Art Theatre Triple XXX-Rated Double Feature Volume 99 from Something Weird Video
Sheila’s Payoff (Box Cover)

Delania Raffino
Flower [IR]
Mimi Morgan [Anal Facial]
Sonya Spizer [Anal Facial]

Don Fernando
Jeff Lyle
Joey Silvera
Jon Martin
Ken Scudder (as Ken)
Paul Thomas (as Paul)

Debut of Don Fernando in a hardcore film.

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Mimi Morgan, Don Fernando
Scene 2. Mimi Morgan, Paul Thomas
Scene 3. Mimi Morgan, Joey Silvera, Ken Scudder
Scene 4. Delania Raffino, Mimi Morgan, Jon Martin
Scene 5. Flower, Sonya Spizer, Jeff Lyle



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