Evas liebstes Spiel (1982)


Director: Jean Marmande

Alternate Titles
Elle avec lui
Eva’s liebstes Spiel Dir. given as Jean Marmande West Germany, Silwa video, box title
Sandrine e Isabelle Dir. given as Henri Sala Italy

Isabelle Brell as Isabelle Mignard (as Isabelle Brel in Italian release)
Laura Levi as Laura Lazio (uncredited in Italian release)
Olivia Flores as Moanna (uncredited in Italian release)
Patricia Santos as Patricia Samba (as Patricia Cauche in Italian release)

Males –

Jacques Gateau is credited in the Italian video release, but does not appear
Cyril Val as Alain Plumey (perhaps mis-credited as Jacques Gateau or uncredited in the Italian release)
Christian Mazagran as Christian Malcolm (as Christian Filippi in the Italian release)
Brunello Chiodetti as Gérard Brunelo (uncredited in the Italian release)
Dominique St. Clair (Gil Lagardère), non sex, plays the barman,uncredited





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