Sound of Love (1981)



* Annette Haven
* Debbie Cole
* Jesie St. James [LezOnly]
* Loni Sanders [Facial]
* Melody Rodgers
* Misty Regan
* Sandra Vaugh
* Sue Hodger


* Gerald Kohen [Non-Sex]
* Hershel Savage
* Mike Horner (as Don Hart)
* Rick Ardon [Non-Sex and uncredited]

Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. Herschel Savage, Misty Regan
* Scene 2. Melody Rodgers, Mike Horner
* Scene 3. Mike Horner, Loni Sanders
* Scene 4. Annette Haven, Jesie St. James
* Scene 5. Debbie Cole, Mike Horner, Sandra Vaugh, Sue Hodger
* Scene 6. Annette Haven, Mike Horner

Prowling the New York City streets, after running away from home, Annie falls into the clutches of her cousin’s devious, abusive boyfriend. Under the guise of “helping” her, he subjects her to sexual experiences never before imagined by this innocent girl. Trying to resolve her many conflicts she relates her past deviate sexual behavior to her doctor. Her past as well as her present perversions are brought to life in this incomparable sexual marathon.

Misty Regan’s scene was removed because she turned 18 the year this film was released, and Misty may have been underage when filming took place.




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