Through The Looking Glass (1976)

The first motion picture that explores supernatural sex!
Catherine Burgess plays an ultra-rich matron who escapes her boring aristocratic lifestyle when a demon resembling her father beckons her to the other side of the mirror. Her secret passions eventually lead her through the mirror into a world of carnal desire. She becomes immersed in an insane sexual hell where demons jerk off in your face and bathe in mud. Images of this movie are right out of a Hieronymus Bosch painting. It was released not only in adult theaters, but also was a top grossing “R” release in the drive-in theater circuit. Jamie Gillis is Catherine’s father, and the angel-faced Maria Taylor is Catherine in her adolescence. Using perverse smoothness, Gillis talks his daughter out of her clothes and onto her knees in one of the most erotic hardcore scenes of any year. Through The Looking Glass expresses dramatic values through skilled camera work and good production.

Year: 1976
Country: United States
Genre: Classical
Length: 1:32:15

Director: Jonas Middleton


Catherine Burgess (as Catharine Burgess) [LezOnly]
Elizabeth Martinez [NonSex]
Eve Every
Kim Pope
Laura Nicholson [NonSex]
Kristin Steen (as Marie Taylor) [BJOnly Facial]
Melody Gerdon [NonSex]
Nikki Hilton [NonSex Pee]
Nancy Dare (as Suzan Swanson) [LezOnly]
Terri Hall [BJOnly]
Ultramax [BJOnly]
Victoria Karl [NonSex]


Bobby Astyr [MastOnly]
Douglas Wood [NonSex]
Ed Krane [NonSex]
Fanny [NonSex]
Grover Griffith [MastOnly]
Rocky Millstone (as Jacob Pomerantz)
Jamie Gillis
Jeffrey Hurst
Roger Caine (as Mike Jefferson) [BJOnly]
Pepe (as Peppy) [MastOnly]

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Catherine Burgess, Douglas Wood
Scene 2. Catherine Burgess
Scene 3. Catherine Burgess, Jamie Gillis
Scene 4. Terri Hall, Roger Caine
Scene 5. Catherine Burgess, Nancy Dare
Scene 6. masked girl, Rocky Millstone
Scene 7. Eve Every, Ultramax, Rocky Millstone
Scene 8. Kim Pope, Jeffrey Hurst, masked girl
Scene 9. Kristin Steen, Jamie Gillis
Scene 10. Catherine Burgess, Jamie Gillis
Scene 11. Grover Griffith
Scene 12. Melody Gerdon, Bobby Astyr, Pepe
Scene 13. Nikki Hilton
Scene 14. Jamie Gillis




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