Tight Spot (1992)


Director: J.J. Rogers

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Flame, Francesca Le, Marc Wallice
Scene 2. Tiffany Mynx, Tony Tedeschi
Scene 3. Chaz Vincent, Flame
Scene 4. Marc Wallice, Tiffany Mynx
Scene 5. Chaz Vincent, Todd Alexander

Tiffany Mynx is caught between a rock and a soft place. Money and sex make the world go around. That’s what Jenna wants. Millions of dollars and lots of throbbing bodies. But in order to inherit millions from her rich uncle, Jenna needs to find a husband. Unfortunately she prefers the fairer sex. And how she loves to fondle a supple breast and caress a firm thigh. Ultimately she devises a scheme involving a superhunk, Christopher, and the ever-eager Wendy. Does Jenna inherit the money? Does she get enough sex? As you watch this erotic tale, you’ll discover Jenna’s real secret: she loves being in the TIGHT SPOT!




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