Vote Pink (1985)

Erica Pink and Fredrick Spencer are in a heat for the oval office. They open up and get down to a higher and tighter campaign. The strangest means are used to collect votes and novel ways of getting a-head. They work it out as Erica Pink decides she is more equipped for the office og vice president. Politics was never so good!


Misty Anderson
Roxanne Rollan
Tanya Blake


Dino Alexander
Greg Derek
Greg Rome
Tony Martino

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Tanya Blake, Greg Rome
Scene 2. Tanya Blake, Dino Alexander
Scene 3. Misty Anderson, Tanya Blake
Scene 4. Misty Anderson, Greg Derek, Greg Rome
Scene 5. Roxanne Rollan, Greg Rome
Scene 6. Roxanne Rollan, Tony Martino
Scene 7. Tanya Blake, Tony Martino




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