Working Girls (1985)

Actresses: Ali Moore,Ashley Welles,Cecile DeVille,Patti Petite,Renee Lovins,Sheri St. Clair,Stevie Taylor,Susan Smith

Actors:Jamie Gillis,Mike Horner,Paul Thomas,Robert Bullock,Ron Jeremy

Scene 1: Ashley Welles, Ron Jeremy (New kitchen)
Scene 2: Ali Moore, Cecile DeVille, Jamie Gillis (Male Hooker)
Scene 3: Patti Petite, Mike Horner (Getting husband a raise)
Scene 4: Ali Moore, Rene Lovins, Paul Thomas (Learning the biz)
Scene 5: Stevie Taylor, Chris Thompson (Masquerade)
Scene 6: Susan Smith, Philip Farber (Kinky sex)
Scene 7: Sheri St. Claire, Robert Bullock (Tied up)



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