Fantasex (1976)

Country of Origin: USA
Year of Production: 1976
Running Times: 79 mins
Distributors: Command Cinema
Also Known As: Fantasee, Fantasensualis.

Directors: Roberta Findlay and Cecil Howard


Jennifer Jordan
Juliet Graham [Facial]
Lyndee Mitchell [NonSex]
Melody Gerdon
Terri Hall


Jeffrey Hurst
Chuck Vincent (as Marc Ubell) [NonSex]
Roger Caine (as Michael Jeffries)
Roland Reals [NonSex]
Cecil Howard (as Ward Summers) [NonSex]

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Terri Hall, Jeffrey Hurst
Scene 2. Jennifer Jordan, Roger Caine
Scene 3. Juliet Graham, Jeffrey Hurst
Scene 4. Juliet Graham, Jeffrey Hurst
Scene 5. Melody Gerdon, Jeffrey Hurst
Scene 6. Jennifer Jordan, Jeffrey Hurst
Scene 7. Terri Hall, Jeffrey Hurst
Scene 8. Jennifer Jordan, Terri Hall, Jeffrey Hurst, Roger Caine
Scene 9. Terri Hall, Jeffrey Hurst



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  1. Many thanks for the upload, but the movie title is “The Final Sin” rather than “Fantasex”. Are they titles for the same movie? All the best.

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