Initiation a l’echangisme (1980)


Alternative Titles:
Cuisses ouvertes
Los Conejos jugosos Spain
Initiation à l’échangisme Alpha France video title
Pornografia campagnola Italy
Shared with Strangers 1985 USA
Wenn die Gier erwacht DVD available Mike Hunter DVD title
Wilde heiße Katzen West Germany, MIke Hunter

Released: 1980
Director: Jean-Claude Roy as Patrick Aubin


* Deborah plays the receptionist at swingers’ club
* Dominique Saint Claire plays wife of D.Aveline
* France Lomay plays the wife of Jean
* Karine Gambier as Barbara Sellers, plays Joelle
* Mika Barthel uncredited, in last scene at swingers’ club
* Sophie Duflot, guest at swingers’ club


* Jacques Gateau as Yvan Renaud, plays Jean
* Dominique Irissou as Orson Rosebud, at swingers’ club
* Dominique Aveline plays husband of D.Saint Claire
* Gabriel Pontello uncredited, guest at swingers’ club



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