Initiation a l’echangisme (1980)

Original Title

* Cuisses ouvertes

Alternate Titles

* Los Conejos jugosos (Spain)
* Initiation à l’échangisme (Alpha France video and DVD)
* Pornografia campagnola (Italy)
Shared with Strangers (USA, 1985)
* Wenn die Gier erwacht (Mike Hunter DVD)
* Wilde heisse Katzen (Mike Hunter video)


* Deborah plays the receptionist at swingers’ club
* Dominique Saint Claire plays wife of D.Aveline
* France Lomay plays the wife of Jean
* Karine Gambier as Barbara Sellers, plays Joelle
* Mika Barthel uncredited, in last scene at swingers’ club
* Sophie Duflot, guest at swingers’ club


* Jacques Gateau as Yvan Renaud, plays Jean
* Dominique Irissou as Orson Rosebud, at swingers’ club
* Dominique Aveline plays husband of D.Saint Claire
* Gabriel Pontello uncredited, guest at swingers’ club

Language: French and English (2 audio tracks) ( 01h:03min )

Language: English ( 1h:23min)

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