Petites filles au bordel (1980)

* Dodo petites filles au bordel (title used on DVD)
* Open Nightly (USA 1981, Caballero) and (Germany, Beate Uhse)
* Pussy Baby (Germany, Beate Uhse)

Released: 1980
Director: Francis Leroi


* Cathy Stewart plays Rose (Katy in the English dub), a maid in the brothel
* Christine Lodes uncredited, plays Macha (Sylvaine de Montevideo in the English dub)
* Frédérique plays Marie
* Julia Perrin as Bianca Moore, plays Julie
* Mandarine plays Ida
* Marilyn Jess plays Fifi (Dominique in the English dub)
* Sophie Duflot as Sophie Duflou (Sophie Dawson in the American release), plays Lulu
* Sophie Guers uncredited, plays a prostitute
* XNK0501 plays a prostitute
* XNK0502
* XNK0503 fake nun, foster mother of Julie, called Mary in the English dub (Marie?)

Males –

* Hubert Géral plays Albert, husband of Lulu, father of Julie
* Claude Frank plays the lieutenant
* Tony Taylor plays Victor
* Peter von Inge plays Thibaut
* Michel de Nyokynos plays Antoine, the manservant
* Santos Cartier plays L’huissier
* Henry Darbac plays Le président (of the bank)
* Dominique Aveline plays L’aveugle (the blind client)
* Jean-Pierre Armand, uncredited, plays Le militaire
* Guy Bonnafoux, uncredited takes part in stage show
* Gaston Meunier, uncredited
* Claude Montal, uncredited
* Cyril Val, uncredited (?)

Language: French, English
Duration : 1 h 18 min ( mixed DVD and VHS versions )


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