Le feu aux fesses (1975)

Alternate Titles
Feu aux fesses – Video title, Carrère/Amandine
How Enjoy Being an Intelligent Cuckolded (sic)
Les Miteuses
Vol au dessus d’un nid de cocus – Video title, Antares

Aline Mess plays Ginette, the maid
Anne Sand as Anny d’Orval, plays Odile Vespérini
Cécile Carole plays Joëlle Mesnil
Lucy Léger uncredited, non-sex, plays the lady with the goose
Odile Palombo plays Nicole Lamu

Males –

Jean Luisi plays Jean Vespérini
Christian Chevreuse plays Voitoux
André Dupon plays Robert Lamu
Samuel Zacharias plays Gaspard Mesnil
Grégory Grant (Greg Masters), uncredited, plays Joëlle’s lover
Bruno Fortin plays Odile’s lover
Ernest Menzer, uncredited, plays the gunsmith

Language : French



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