Opening of Misty Beethoven (1975)


Also Known As: Misty Beethoven
Distributor: VCA (DVD release)
Director: Henry Paris (Radley Metzger)
Minutes: 84

Constance Money [Facial Creampie]
Crystal Sync [BJOnly]
Cynthia Gardner
Gloria Leonard
Helene Simone
Jacqueline Beudant
Jenny Baxter (as Janet Baldwin) [BJOnly]
Marlene Willoughby (as Marlene Parker) [BJOnly]
Mary Stuart [MastOnly]
Nancy Dare [MastOnly]
Terri Hall
Tia von Davis [LezOnly]

Casey Donovan
David Williams [BJOnly]
Grover Griffith [NonSex]
Ian Morley [BJOnly]
Jamie Gillis
John Christopher [NonSex]
Mark Margolis [NonSex]
Michael Gaunt
Peter Andrews
Ras Kean (as Ras King)
Tony Austin [BJOnly]

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. brun, guy
Scene 2. guy, Constance Money
Scene 3. girl, Tony Austin
Scene 4. Jacqueline Beudant, Michael Gaunt
Scene 5. David Williams, Jenny Baxter
Scene 6. girl, guy, Jacqueline Beudant
Scene 7. guy, Constance Money
Scene 8. Constance Money, Tia von Davis
Scene 9. guy, Jacqueline Beudant
Scene 10. Ian Morley, Constance Money
Scene 11. Crystal Sync, Jamie Gillis
Scene 12. guy, Constance Money
Scene 13. brun, Jamie Gillis
Scene 14. brun, Jamie Gillis
Scene 15. Jacqueline Beudant, Terri Hall
Scene 16. Jamie Gillis, Terri Hall
Scene 17. Casey Donovan, Constance Money
Scene 18. brun, Jamie Gillis
Scene 19. Nancy Dare
Scene 20. Crystal Sync, Jacqueline Beudant
Scene 21. 2 guys, Constance Money, Peter Andrews
Scene 22. Gloria Leonard, Constance Money, Ras Kean
Scene 23. 3 girls, guy, Jacqueline Beudant, Jamie Gillis
Scene 24. Mary Stuart
Scene 25. Jamie Gillis, Marlene Willoughby
Scene 26. Jamie Gillis, Constance Money




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