Backdoor Brides 3 (1988)


They’re back! The gang that exposed the dark side of the wedding, the bottom of the brides now is here to show you how to acheive an open marriage. The director of Honeymoon Ranch, Mr. Thaddeus (Robert Bullock) has assembled another fine staff (Nina Hartley, Ray Victory, Nina de Ponca) to instruct the students in the analmentary art of backdoor sex. After a year of marriage, Stan (Frank James) and Sally (Dana Lynn) have drifted away from the romantic backside adventures that made their marriage so exciting. Their sexually liberated new neighbors (Peter North and Tiffanie Storm) express the same problems. The solution, obvious, a trip to Honeymoon Ranch for a “rear refresher” course! Times have changed yet the crack staff at the Ranch will still take “butts” for an answer. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s all the way in, in Backdoor Brides #3.

Paradise Visuals

Wolfgang Gower


* Dana Lynn [Anal]
* Nina DePonca
* Nina Hartley
* Tiffany Storm [Anal]


* Frank James
* Peter North
* Ray Victory
* Robert Bullock

Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. Dana Lynn, Frank James
* Scene 2. Dana Lynn, Peter North
* Scene 3. Frank James, Tiffany Storm
* Scene 4. Nina Hartley, Robert Bullock
* Scene 5. Robert Bullock, Tiffany Storm
* Scene 6. Nina Hartley, Peter North
* Scene 7. Nina DePonca, Ray Victory
* Scene 8. Nina Hartley, Peter North, Tiffany Storm



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