La Servante Perverse (1978)

Original Title

* Lèche-moi partout

Alternate Titles

* Das Lustobjekt (Germany – Venus 1011) [credit: film1270]
* Serva perversa – baby doll (Italy)
* La Servante Perverse (video re-issue title and DVD title)
* Services Rendered (USA)

Production year: 1978
Country: France
Genre: Feature, Straight, Classic
Duration: 00:57:10

Directed by: Francis Leroi
Studio: Alpha France

Jenny Feeling
Karine Gambier as Carine Stephen
Lydie Beggy
Monique Carrère uncredited
Samantha plays the burglary ‘victim’
Sophie Bulle uncredited, orgy scene, shared footage with Je suis à prendre?, Not in the DVD version

Description: Max is tired of burglaries and women. Determined to change direction in life, he starts working as a chauffeur and discovers in horror that his boss is none other than five women of various ages, all perverted, particularly the servant. One of the rare appearances by the tantalizing Jenny Feeling. A huge hit from the golden age of France’s Cinema X era, this film debuted in Paris cinemas.



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