Pensionnat de jeunes filles (1980)


Alternate Titles

* Boarding Girls’ Secrets
* Internatsgeheimnisse junger Maedchen (Germany, Ribu DVD)
* Retourne moi c’est meilleur
* Secret School for Young Girls
* Secrets of College Women


* Ulrike Lary plays Evie
* Marilyn Jess plays Christine
* Lucie Doll plays the girl in the shop
* Brigitte Verbecq plays Madame Robin
* Marie-Claude Moreau plays Chantal
* Jane Baker plays a sex demonstrator
* Sandrine Pernelle non-sex, bit part
* XNK0202 plays Karine
* XNK0203 student
* XNK0204 student in scene with gardener
* XNK0205 a parent (non-sex)
* XNK0207 student


* Jacques Marbeuf plays Evie’s father
* Guy Royer plays Christine’s lover in Nazi garb
* Jean-Pierre Armand plays the shop owner
* Pjotr Stanislas plays the taxi driver
* Victor Semama plays the policeman
* Jacques Gateau plays the Director of the college
* Richard Lemieuvre plays the gardener
* Olivier Mathot plays the Sex Education Teacher
* Guy Berardant (aka Jacques vinair) plays a sex demonstrator
* Peter Kwapinski plays Armand
* Gil Lagardere (aka Dominique Saint Claire) plays Alain



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